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Welcome to your first stop for relaxation, stress management, and pain relief. Massage has so many benefits and I am so grateful I have the opportunity to help my community.

My office is located at 4055 S 700 E #204, Murray, UT 84107


Always Evolving

Hi, I’m Dez. I’m a band geek at heart but have been serving the Northern Utah community as a birth doula for the past ten years. In the past year, I was able to complete an apprenticeship program for massage therapy. It was a whirlwind of reading and studying everything from the history of massage to pathology, business ethics to anatomy, and more! I’ve learned how to use the comfort skills I already possessed as a doula in a new way as well as learning how to incorporate the rhythm in my heart from band into massage.  I have a passion for inclusive work and love working within the LGBT+ community.

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What modalities do I offer?

Swedish Massage

A classic massage that encourages healthy circulation and relaxation.

Prenatal Massage

Give yourself and your baby the best treatment! I use special pregnancy pillows to support you and your growing bump from first trimester on.

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth hot stones allow even deeper relaxation as well as a deeper massage without having to increase pressure.

Cupping Therapy

Silicone cups decompress tissue. This treatment is the perfect add-on to massage, especially for those trouble spots!

Pre-Labor Massage

This massage focuses on acupressure points known to encourage labor, as well as releasing the muscles around the pelvis to enable an easier birth process.

Dry Body Brushing

This is another great addition to any massage. Dry brushes stimulate lymphatic flow which helps your body return to homeostasis.

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